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Fruit Trees planted in the spring 2017

APPLES – 7 Species – 10 Trees Tafeläpfel / Table Apples: Kernraffler (1) Kanada Renette (1) Cox Orange (1) Schafnase (3) Ananas Renette (1) Mostäpfel / Juice-Cooking Apples: Steirischer Maschanzker (2) Wintergoldparmäne (1) Map Location The image below represents a fraction of the full permaculture design of Obenaus including mostly the apple orchard at present

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Autumn Clearing and Fasting November 2017

At Obenaus the seasons are strongly felt. The interim time before and after winter is time to recess. Clear out body and mind. What has this year brought about? What stays? Who am I now? What is us now?  The inner clearing is supported by lightening up from inside. We will fast during 7 days this

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Sourdough Bread

Important Note: This recipe is a result of a lot of practice. The quantities, timings, and methods can vary. We suggest using this recipe more as a guideline and one is encouraged to make his or her own experiments :) Prep Time: 15-18 hours                 Cook Time: 45 minutes                 Quantity: Two breads Ingredients: –

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