Joining the Community

The Obenaus community is a voluntary space. You can join us and leave again as it fits your life and plans. As the commitments for you here become more lasting the longer you want to stay, we see three various stages of engagement. As a community member, be it for a limited or unlimited period, you have a full co-decision right and voice in shaping the day-to-day life of Obenaus.


You can join Obenaus as a visitor for a stay of 3 weeks or longer. Visits are arranged on an individual basis, so we can both agree on our priorities for each other, the dates and all other conditions. 

Resident for a limited period

At the end of or after your visit we can then agree to accept you for a limited period of 6 to 12 months duration. You become a community member with all rights pertaining to residents, though limited to the time horizon of your stay. That time serves as a trial period as we’ll both find out if living in Obenaus is really what fits your life and the community equally, or if the agreed time limit felt just right.

Resident Community Member

Following the limited resident period you can apply to become a resident community member. If the other resident members accept you, you’ll join the community without any limitation, with full rights in the community decisions and a right to stay as long as it fits you and the community. 
We ask Community Members to invest a share of at least 50.000 € backing up the space they live in. With that investment, they’re also taking part in the overall investment decisions around Obenaus. If this amount of cash is not in your hands, we can agree for a plan to build the investment up over time.

Sponsoring Community Member

Your online community membership. We invite you to meet with the wider worldwide web of Obenaus friends to support the developments of the place and to connect online. The suggested membership fee is 95.00 € per year. You are welcome to support us with a higher amount. In return we invite you for regular Warm Data online gatherings “People need People” 9-10 times a year. When you travel to Obenaus, the first day of your visit is free of charge, and we offer you a reduction on all our workshops, online or in Obenaus.
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