Obenaus Spring Fasting 2018

At Obenaus the seasons are strongly felt. The interim time before and after winter is time to recess. Clear out body and mind. What has this year brought about? What stays? Who am I now? What is “us” now? 
The inner clearing is supported by lightening up from inside. We will fast again during 7 days this spring.

Fasting means that we do eat, yet very little. A smoothie in the morning, together with a dose of CORE with a concentrated filling from healing herbal seeds. At lunch a spoonful of honey. At dinner a broth from vegetables and a dose of SOUL, the other nourishing seeds concentrate.

Every morning and evening we practice Circle and share what’s going on with us. What is shifting? What is coming up new and familiar? Inner and outer sights. You can read our journal from the Spring Fasting 2017 in the Obenaus group on FB.

This Spring we fast from 25 February until 3 March 2018.

You can fast with us! 

Come here: Write us an email or call and tell us you’re coming. We’ll arrange a guest room here or in the direct neighborhood. Your contribution for staying here (at the farm) and fasting 7 days with us is 350,00 € all included.

Online: Join the circles online, and for your fast at home we’ll send you the Fasting Kit with some Obenaus Herbal Tea and seed nutrition in advance. This together with a clear vegetable broth is our diet for cleansing and detoxing mind, body and soul.

Register by mail with the link below for the full week or any three days of it.

7 day online fasting includes the 7 online calls every fasting day and the 7-day Fasting Kit, VAT and shipping to Austria: 85,00 €

3 day online fasting includes 3 online calls over three fasting days, and the 3-day Fasting Kit, VAT and shipping to Austria: 60.00 €

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