Working from Obenaus

Organic agriculture

Since 2015, Obenaus is a certified bio farm. We keep a flock of sheep, have planted +20 fruit trees and harvest the apples from a couple of old trees around the main ground. We make hay for the sheep from our various meadows. The farmer’s garden is designed according to bio-dynamic and permaculture principles and offers a variety of vegetables. In the coming years we plan to increase the female sheep flock to 40 and market sheep cheese.

Local employment

Many employment possibilities exist around Ehrenhausen. The second largest city in Austria, Graz, is well connected by a direct train route and offers all possible jobs and professional local possibilities.

Sole traders, consultants, teachers and coaches

Digital nomads can find their home in Obenaus. We have a small co-working office space for computer work and online calls and meetings. For travel, Ehrenhausen is well connected by train to Graz or Vienna airports, while the night trains of the ÖBB rail service offer low carbon travel options across Europe with an increasing network of connections. The motorway A9 connects the area to all over Europe by car or bus.

We have indoor and protected outside workshop facilities, so you can invite your participants, partners and clients to Obenaus and organise your seminars and workshops right here.
With our experience of setting up employment or businesses as expatriates we can support your first steps in the area and the administrations for getting started.

Tierra Verde Shop and Distribution business

We have the Austrian and a larger German-language distribution licence of Tierra Verde. With our local shop for the regional community, the possibility to run a web shop for the German speaking markets and serving an increasing number of outlets in Austria, we offer an income possibility right from Obenaus as a place of work. If you have a shop trader or sales capacity, you can expand the business and create your own job through your work. 

Serving the Community services

When Obenaus receives guests or hosts workshops, the service for this exceeds the normal community work contribution, and we offer a remuneration or compensation for preparing guest rooms, meals, arranging breaks for seminar guests etc.

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