Headaches and Migraines solution

I would like to share with you something amazing that I have just discovered. For half of my life I have suffered from strong headaches which have often turned into migraines which has kept me in bed for at least 24 hours with a recovery time of another day. I have tried all kinds of products, alleopathic, homeopathic and other alternative methods.

Rain Core

Some months ago I started using a concentrated seed nutrition product that just landed on the
Austrian market. The Rain Core product is made to detox your body and strengthen all organs involved in the detoxing process. It contains 10 different seeds and oils all known as Superfood nutrition. It is all natural with no additives. For 2 months now

been taking one Rain Core in the morning to detox and one Rain Soul in the afternoon in replacement of coffee to boost my energy and strengthen the cells and body. The Rain Soul product gives my cells a kick which boosts my energy in a more long-lasting manner than coffee plus that it rejuvenates me by improving the reproduction of cells. I feel strengthened in all senses, muscles, brain and stamina. These are great little packages to take on tedious travels to keep fit without the need to eat the empty nutrition on the planes and in the airports. For three euros I have the equivalent nutrition of 6 smoothies!

I have not been ill since I started taking Rain Core and Soul, except for strong headaches or migraines which I am suffered for many years. This time when a headache started I took one Rain Core and an hour later one more and continued like this until I had 5 and my body told me it was enough. During this process I did not eat, I only drank water and green tea. The headache stopped before it became a migraine, and within a couple of hours it was gone. The next day I felt like a Super woman; I had lots of energy, my head was absolutely clear, my body was flexible, I was in a great mood and even my eye sight was improved. My body had been through a powerful cleansing and strengthening exercise and I did not need to take Rain Core for some days after. I feel so happy that I, thanks to my regular headaches/migraines, have found this natural product in service of the cells = life.

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