Catherine Falardeau Marcoux

Fruit Trees planted in the spring 2017

APPLES – 7 Species – 10 Trees Tafeläpfel / Table Apples: Kernraffler (1) Kanada Renette (1) Cox Orange (1) Schafnase (3) Ananas Renette (1) Mostäpfel / Juice-Cooking Apples: Steirischer Maschanzker (2) Wintergoldparmäne (1) Map Location The image below represents a fraction of the full permaculture design of Obenaus including mostly the apple orchard at present

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Sourdough Bread

Important Note: This recipe is a result of a lot of practice. The quantities, timings, and methods can vary. We suggest using this recipe more as a guideline and one is encouraged to make his or her own experiments :) Prep Time: 15-18 hours                 Cook Time: 45 minutes                 Quantity: Two breads Ingredients: –

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