Vegan Mayonnaise

For this one recipe, it is our other dear friend Viola Tschendel that I have to give thanks to for having made this recipe so many times at Obenaus. It was the perfect sauce to accompany many different types of meals, but mostly just poured over baked potatoes!

To get the right consistency, it is important to follow the order below in terms of which ingredient to add at every step. But the great thing is the result is always good no matter what! I wish you all the best with the experimentation!

Step 1: Whip with a hand mixer the “Soya Cuisine” 18% (250 ml) – or any cooking cream 18% – very well alone.

Step 2: Slowly add the Sunflower Oil (250 ml) to the cream while whipping the mix.

Step 3: Add all other ingredients (except the lemon!):

1 tsp of Mustard (or more to taste), 1 tsp of Salt, 1 tsp (or less) of Sugar, some squeezed Garlic, a little Curcuma powder (turmeric) and Marjoram as spices, as well as some more salt and pepper if desired.

Step 4: At the very end, slowly add the juice of 1/2 a Lemon while whipping.

It is also possible to add 1 tbsp or more of soya yogourt (or other type of yogourt) to make it less fatty. It gives the mayonnaise a nicer consistency.

Mix well and Voilà – its Ready to Serve!





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