WEDDING Lena & Rainer 2015

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Dear Friends,

We celebrate our wedding this summer, 13 August, in Obenaus.

Come and join us for a ceremony in nature. The ceremony begins at 16:00 at the gate of Obenaus. For the rest be open to be surprised, if you would like to surprise please contact Felix, our master of ceremony, Your presence is a gift to us and if you would like to bring something, bring something for the community, like something to eat for our abundant buffet table or something practical and beautiful for the farm (like a tree, a stone or a bucket of paint ;-) ) or bring a story or a song. As we will spend our time outside, dress according to temperature and weather.

After 3 years in this beautiful location at the heart of Europe we decided to take a little branch from the very first tree we planted in Obenaus, the oak from Jean-Monnet’s garden just outside Paris. As a sign of peace and strengths we made our wedding rings from the imprint of this little branch which was sent to Belgium and came back to Obenaus in the form of two wedding rings.

Obenaus is particularly open during the whole month of August. A series of workshops/gatherings are offered by friends and community members to share our knowledge to become smarter together and to play, dance and have fun – simply to enjoy life. The programme as it stands today…. (see our website)

Children, grandparents, mothers, fathers, partners, husbands and your friends are all welcome. You can stay on our ground in a tent or find a cozy corner in the house. For more privacy you might want to rent a room at walking distance from Obenaus at Preglau (farm) or Ewitsch13 (simple friendly hotel) or Loisium (with a wonderful Spa and pool overlooking the hills), or at another location in the area – often you can also stay over in one of the wineries in the area. Ask us and we can help you find something that fits you.

Obenaus is waiting for you and we would love to spend some of our lifetime with you. Welcome!

Lena & Rainer

Obenaus, Ewitsch 2, A-8461 Ehrenhausen,

+43 680 306 0900 (Lena)
+43 680 132 7177 (Rainer)


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