Rainer v. Leoprechting

I am born between the vines of the Mosel river.

As a boy I loved to read and be with the scouts. When I grew up I got more and more involved with the scouting movement which took me to different regions in Europe. I loved the way that the scouts self-organised and later in my career working with organisational development this remained an inspiration. Just as a longer stay in the Pyrinees, where I really learned to speak French.

Later on I discovered a likeminded soul in Jean Monnet, the founder of the European Communities, and thus I started working for the European Commission.
I sorted out many issues in budgeting, strategy making, human resources and career processes. I formed a team of internal consultants that engaged people inside and outside the European Institutions in conversations that really mattered and led to actions that made sense. This proved to be a success and still continues.

After almost 20 years in Brussels, however, I felt the limitations of being employed in the public sector and decided to become an independent consultant and entrepreneur with a base in a more natural surroundings. This is, when we decided to buy the Obenaus farm in Austria. Today, starting from Obenaus and throughout the world, I work with many different people. Who aspire to move and develop something maningful in their environment; in a political situation, an organisation, an instituation, a family, or within themselves.

We aim to make Obenaus more than a healthy resort, – a resourcing place where people can come to learn, to rest, to work, to connect to nature, to play, to write, to be together, to develop innovative ideas….
Maybe you are one of them? Welcome!

Mail: rainer@obenauscommunity.org

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