“Obenaus Community” Association

Card001aThe purpose of the Obenaus Community is to operate the farm Obenaus,
and to fill it with life in community.
The association acts as a hosting platform for events or seminars at different locations as well as online.
Being together is our hospitality. We practice the arts of hosting.
Our members understand their learning and developing as connecting to collective intelligence.
Learning and teaching merge in this process of building-up of self-awareness.
Taking responsibility for their own actions therein is condition.
Empathy is the correct approach to each other.
Members are people who are looking for a temporary community,
be it as a participant in an event, as guests for a few days, for several weeks or longer, or even permanently.
This community enables its members to explore, develop and translate their plans, ideas and projects into action.
In the association there is the co-housing community “Wohnen in Obenaus” | “Living in Community in Obenaus”
as well as the co-working space “In Gemeinschaft arbeiten” | “Co-Working Space Obenaus”.


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