Story of the place and pictures


Obenaus April 2014

(by Claire Mulvany)

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End of August 2014

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– the story of the place

By virtue of grace and opportunity we found a patch of lush land situated in the South Eastern part of Austria, close to the Slovenian border. We moved here in 2012 with the intention of initiating a living and learning community. It has been a magical journey to even get here.

Around us nature is abundant. The fields are open here. There are very few fences, giving a sense of spaciousness and possibility. We are surrounded by rolling hills, vineyards and amazing woodlands. Obenaus is near a river that eventually flows into the Danube, and through its waters we feel we connect to the wider continent of Europe. The land feels soft here, gentle and inviting. It is a very hospitable place, to humans and to all life.

Nature is our partner here. We learn from and with the land. We tend to her and the animals that graze from her, and in turn she feeds and nourishes our bodies, minds and spirits.

When we found this place, we just knew it was the place for us. But we never envisioned that it would be just us living here. Instead we always saw a community of people. Originally there was a farm here, with cattle and sheep. Now, in a way, we are farming a human community- where people can come to grow their potential and live into their own possibilities. We are inviting people here for short term or on a longer basis to co-learn and co-live together. It is an opportunity to find a home for a few days, a few months or even a few years.

Life here takes on a different rhythm, depending on the season, light and the activities which are taking place on the land. Sometimes there are seminars or workshops, and other times, people are simply enjoying life here- tending to the land, the animals and engaged in conversation.


Youth Camp, Summer 2014

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Workshops “Open House in Obenaus”, Summer 2014

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