Systemic constellations in Obenaus

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15 August, 2024

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Obenaus Community Ewitsch 2 Ehrenhausen Steiermark 8461 Austria

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  • 15 August, 2024 10:00   -   18 August, 2024 17:00

A view behind the scenes: A workshop for all

What is actually going on in this world? What happens behind the scenes?

We can take a look! and participate in the theatre of life.

We move from one scene to the next. We feel how questions that concern us all show up, develop and dissolve;

This workshop can have consequences, such as:

  • What feels rigid and firm can become soft and flexible.
  • Be with “aha!” moments, with lightness and liveliness.
  • Gain a new perspective on reality.
  • Gain clarity about how different patterns weave through your life.
  • Discover pragmatic, doable steps to feel more alive;

You may realise how the big questions of our time are related to your own life experience.

Rainer von Leoprechting has been leading systemic constellations since the early 2000s and has been offering trainings for systemic constellators and counsellors since 2012. He has himself learned and practiced with leading practitioners: Johannes B. Schmidt, Claude Rosselet, Albrecht Mahr, Bert Hellinger and others. 
From all these influences Rainer developed his own style. His main concern is to bring out *the living* in a system. 

The topics for constellations can vary. The questions may touch on personal development or family situations, professional and organisational issues, political or historical topics. Rainer is a member of the International Association of Systemic Constellation Practitioners ISCA

Carina Rohrbach has been training and practicing with Rainer for many years and will co-facilitate this workshop. She is a knowledge and innovation architect at the LivingCore GmbH and founder of F&B concept development agency ROOM & SPOON. She supports individuals and companies in developing meaningful and economically functioning outcomes (products, services, built environments, etc.) from vague ideas or intuitions. A central question in her work with clients is always  “How can I open up to something new, experience and process it myself and make it understandable for others?  Systematic constellations are an effective tool for these tasks. The underlying attitude and approach is at the same time a chance to develop personally and to open up exciting perspectives on one’s own environment and the world in general..

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Event FAQs

I can't do the whole length of the workshop. Can I take part for just one day or even for just my topic?

Yes you can attend for shorter durations. Please choose a half-day or one-day ticket for your registration. If you want to take part for two or three days, please take multiple one-day tickets. Please email us at rainer (a) with the times you want to attend.

Can I participate remotely / online ?

Systemic work is well possible in online settings. We offer a few opportunities for people who can't make it to come in person to bring their issue in with a video connection. Please take an online ticket. We'll agree the specific time with you and send you the zoom link ahead of your session.

What is systemic work?

The systemic approach we follow here assumes that many of the topics or questions we hold are the expression of the various links between the elements, which together compose the system of or around the topic. We assume that some change in some relations between elements can have a huge effect on the system as a whole. In our workshops we follow the question of a participant who becomes the client of the inquiry. In this way, each of our constellations is a direct service to the client and holds a real meaning for their life, if not also for all participants. We work in three steps. 1. A client chooses to work on one of their questions. The facilitator engages a dialogue with the client to find out what the actual question is, which elements compose the system of the question, and if this is a topic, which can become the basis for scenic representation in the room.

2. If all of this is cleaar and the answer to the last is Yes, we set up a "constellation": A life theatre in the centre of the room. Some participant(s) will be chosen to represent each a specific aspect or element of the whole, so that the whole appears through the constellation of the elements. The facilitator guides the process of this theatre with their artful skills and experience. Even if the process looks simple, proper training is needed to qualify people doing this. Participants who represent an element sometimes have very strong emotions or impulses that are not coming "from them" but are expressed through their bodies. This experience is valuable not only for the client, but often for the representative and the audience at large. We let the scenes unfold what they can show until enough has been seen or processed. 

3. We close the scene and open a circle of sharing. Participants share their own experience as audience or representatives to give more inner insights to the picture. The client closes this circle with their own observations and thanks. The integration of such a process can take a few days, as many embodied sensations need to translate into our conscious mind. As this happens mainly in our dreams we recommend clients to not immediately do anything, but to let the actual insights come up over time.

What are the effects of systemic constellation work?

Systemic and embodied work touches our inner system as we observe the representations in the scenes. If the topics are important or loaded for us, the constellation experience will be most often very meaningful for us. In most cases, clients feel lighter and the pressure of the topic on them eases or completely disappears. One could say the actual "problem" dis-solves. In some cases, expecially when traumatic sides of clients or participants are involved, those need proper care. Aware of this we bring community and very gentle and skillful hosting and facilitation to this work.

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