Coming back to our senses

We need places where the complexity in us , that is awoken by the increasingly perceivable ‘outer’ complexity, can be witnessed – so we may respond from centeredness and connectedness, rather than from suppressed emotions, and automatisms – realizing that the systems we are seeking to change also live in us, and thus systems change starts in how we respond to the world, as it shows up in us, in our relationships, and our connection to place.

Times are asking us to become collectively present. To turn towards rather than away from. To find the center from which to take action – and not just individually but collectively. To move at the speed of trust. For this we need to start perceiving more holistically, and not just through our mind, but also through our senses. 

This is part of a series of gatherings that seek to explore how we can generate fields of collective presence and to see what becomes possible then. Moving from a purely cartesian worldview to one that sees (and senses) us as deeply embedded in and co-evolving with a larger life process.

Join us for a celebration of allowing our different organs of perception to be stimulated, and see what becomes possible from there. To let what was largely submerged up until now, and is being awoken through our disruptive times, to surface, move, and transform the way we relate to the world.

For this we invite you to join Fraendi and the Obenaus Community in a gathering where we
come back to our senses in times of disruption, and become curious about what wisdom can be found there.

We invite you to 

  • Warm Data Lab : a process that allows us to perceive the systemic patterns we are bound by, and develop new ways of thinking within and beyond them.
  • Embodiment: Letting our bodies be moved through resonance with soundscapes and the landscapes we are embedded in
  • Grief Ritual: inspired by Joanna Macy’s ‘The Work That Reconnects’ – to experience the power that making space for grief holds
  • Playfulness: Learning to co-create meaning together with the Glassbead Game
  • and whatever may emerge in the space between us


In conformity with Austrian Law, we will limit participation to no more than 10 people, so that we can allow for a more intimate and joyful gathering, and feel safe.

We ask that all participants fall into one of the following categories:

  • either have already been infected with COVID-19
  • have been vaccinated
  • have a negative test result

Sorry, this event is expired and no longer available.

Event Schedule Details

  • 1 July, 2021 18:00   -   3 July, 2021 22:00
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