Obenaus Residency on Intergenerational dialogue

How can we well be in dialogue between generations?


This is an invitation to be in a temporary residency with others in Obenaus. With a theme around intergenerational dialogue and the intention to engage in-depth conversations and experiences. At the same time, Obenaus leaves plenty of space for individual reflection and recreation. While you’re here, use the internet to dedicate part of the time to work online on your ongoing projects.

The idea is that you move here for a while, work from and live in Obenaus for the time you’re here.
You choose your timing of the stay, come and stay as long as you like and fits your schedules.


While the hosts Konrad and Rainer hold the space over the residency, you are invited to contribute your questions and capacities, building on your talents and experience. We will have a few workshops during the residency that relate to the topic, you could offer your practice. You could also bring your family or friends from the other generation along.


Gather in Obenaus for a specific question/theme/process … See the events during the residency period!


Your stay in Obenaus is a community experience. We live together with common activities, such as cooking or yoga sessions or dancing, chopping wood, gardening or using the scythe. 


The environment of Obenaus offers personal or group experiences, walks or outdoor solo times.


The residency is a practice to live a sustainable life. Bring your mindfulness to the daily routines, building on the spirit of the Obenaus Community.

Community Life included

The tickets below include your stay and all meals. We do all household and gardening ourselves, so count about an hour per day to be part of some practical activities in the kitchen, household or garden.

Sorry, this event is expired and no longer available.

Event Schedule Details

  • 18 June, 2024 00:00   -   3 July, 2024 00:00
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