Dialogue between generations – family and other intergenerational constellations

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28 June, 2024

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Obenaus Community

Intergenerational Constellations in Obenaus

Let’s exchange between generations! See how the life of our ancestors is present in us. How the life of next generations as well!
We reserve three full days to constellations in “family constellation” style.
You can come and take part and learn. You can bring your own life situation and we’ll explore them together.
Be welcome in Obenaus to the theatre of life!
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Call Rainer with any question at +43 680 1327177.

Rainer von Leoprechting has been leading systemic constellations since the early 2000s and has been offering trainings for systemic constellators and counsellors since 2012. He has himself learned and practiced with leading practitioners: Johannes B. Schmidt, Claude Rosselet, Albrecht Mahr, Bert Hellinger and others. 
From all these influences Rainer developed his own style. His main concern is to bring out *the living* in a system. 

The topics for constellations can vary. The questions may touch on personal development or family situations, professional and organisational issues, political or historical topics. Rainer is a member of the International Association of Systemic Constellation Practitioners ISCA.

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Online participation

You bring your question to the workshop remotely. We agree specific date and time with you.

Training in facilitating systemic constellations

Whole workshop only. Take part and learn to conduct systemic constellations. Personal coaching and learning with Rainer. Prepare some extra time for individual feedback and explanations.

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  • Obenaus Community
  • Ewitsch 2
  • Ehrenhausen
  • Steiermark
  • 8461
  • Austria

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  • 28 June, 2024 10:00   -   30 June, 2024 16:30
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