12.-17. August:
Designing for and at Obenaus

Holistic design of a place for and with a Community with Gaja Mežnarič Osole and Lise Hovesen.

See special website “Designing for and at Obenaus” – http://obenaus.tumblr.com/

For designers, architects, dreamers, managers, young entrepreneurs, marketing people, Internet nerds, pensioners, poets, and everyone, who likes to create something new out of diversity.

Welcome here to experience Obenaus as a community and actively give shape to it. Learn and practice holistic design in space and form; business modeling, communicating the new and a paradigm shift, forms and rules of living together, living and working in the countryside. All four dimensions are developed simultaneously with the use of Design Thinking and Art of Hosting.

Participation for a half or full day as well as for the whole design week is possible.
Contribution for the day: 25 € including meals (lunch).
For the whole week (6 days): 100 €.

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