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Imagine that we are at least potentially connected to all that there is in the universe…. and we can use our bodies and its senses to actually connect to a few specific things out there.

So what can we learn and experience about our quests in life if we see them coming together with the help of a group that represents what is relevant through their body sensa-tions?

Welcome to systemic constellation work.

Lena Jacobsson and Rainer v. Leoprechting host this constellation community. We invite everyone who’s just interested as well as the very experienced practitioners to work together. This offers you a broad view on systemic work, from business constellations, political issues till very personal systems.
So whether you are an experienced practitioner or a first user: welcome to discover this website, especially the pages on the seminars.

Welcome to discover systemic constellations in many of its possible applications.
If you want to learn to apply systemic constellation work, you can certify yourself and participate in five training modules of four days each. This allows you to create your own programme, according to your agenda and needs.

If you want to bring forward an issue or participate in a group workshop of a day, you may enroll for just one day or half-day.

If you are an experienced practitioner and want to share your work, offer workshops with the community or host an intervention as a field, join the community.
Contact Lena and Rainer for more details.


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