18.-19. August:
Engaging for transformational change.

Deepen your consulting skills for lasting interventions and connections.

Learn and practice with Rainer von Leoprechting the art of consulting:

How you engage with your client in a few minutes for lasting transformations. How you transform ‘resistance’ into a resource. How you give shape to rapid implementations. How you lead small or big group events so that the participants design and engage for transformation by themselves. Rainer shares from his rich experience as the lead consultant at the European Commission and with many different initiatives and companies.
 It is a 2-day- workshop, followed by an Open Space Day of peer-learning for Transformation, Change, Organisation and Leadership.

The financial contribution is 375€ for the 2-day workshop incl. snacks, drinks and organic, healthy lunches. As a participant in the workshop you’re our guest for the following Open Space Day with no extra charge. You may contribute with learner-x currency instead of euros. Details at www.learner-x.com.

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