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What We Offer

  • My Meaningful Work 
  • Action Learning
  • Pro Action Cafe Online
  • Workshops and Training
  • Consulting and Coaching 

How We Work

We work face-to-face and in online workshops/programmes where we focus on practices for enlivening organizations. We accompany you in all of the following steps, or focus on accomplishing just one of them:

  • Clarifying the quest
  • Building a coalition for change
  • Realizing the change at a very small scale as a prototype
  • Reinforcing the momentum and invite more players into their own prototyping


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Meet Us

Contact us with your goals and questions, let’s explore whether we’re a good match for you:

Welcome to Constellations Community 

Welcome to discover systemic constellations in many of its possible applications. 

If you want to learn to apply systemic constellation work, you can certify yourself and participate in five training modules of four days each. This allows you to create your own programme, according to your agenda and needs.

Constellations Community Certificate 


We invite you to learn in many dimensions

The goals of the constellation community training on workshop hosting and facilitation

  • To demystify constellation work.
  • Making such work deep-felt and practical at the same time. 
  • Explore how to frame and host constellation workshops.
  • How you practice systemic interventions with particular clients.

This training offers you the possibility to observe different constellation themes and styles and in the end, find your own.