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Beginners Constellation Workshop

Date and Time:

15 November, 2021 09:30 - 18 November, 2021 - 17:30

Events Location:

Obenaus Community,Ewitsch 2,Ehrenhausen,Steiermark,8461,Austria

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Beginners Constellations Workshop


Constellation work helps you let go of old patterns that no longer serve you. It brings lightness, clarity and expansion into lifes’ sticky topics through facilitated bodywork. 


In this beginners constellation workshop, you will:

  • Release stuck stagnancy in your body
  • Experience “aha!” moments, lightness and expansion
  • See your inner and outer world through a completely new lens
  • Pinpoint what prevents you from changing behavioural patterns
  • Take away workable, feasible solutions for a more harmonious life.

Join in on 15.11.21 – 18.11.21 from 9:30 to 17:30.
A 2-hour lunch break is included in the schedule.



To make this as accessible as possible, there are five ways to participate: 

  • Half day participation*: €25
  • Full day participation: €35
  • 2 full days: €60
  • 3 full days: €90
  • 4 full days: €100

Personal constellation: +€40

To guarantee a personal constellation, add €40 to your current choice of participation.  

*Spontaneity is valuable, so if at 12:30 you’d like to continue for the rest of the day, or book a second personal constellation, we’ll send you an invoice afterwards. No pressure.


Properly fueled
Enjoy a warm, healthy and grounding lunch prepared by our chefs for an additional €10 each day. Tea, coffee and snacks are provided.


Come as you are

Constellation work breathes fresh air into relationships, home and work environments, your life path and beyond. We encourage you to arrive with all your parts – if you’re unsatisfied, stuck, inspired, frustrated, open, anxious or are just interested, you belong here. Whether you participate in a half day or all four, you’re guaranteed to leave feeling brighter and lighter, with more solutions to work with. 


A new you
Process your constellation by doing… nothing! We recommend prioritizing rest to allow the constellation to integrate – now is not the time to make snap decisions. Drink plenty of water after the session, and turn off electronics before 21:00. This is so that you can respond with care to your body’s natural sleep signals. 


Looking ahead
These workshop days qualify towards the 20-day constellation facilitator training. Training participants receive further instruction and personal feedback, and co-facilitate constellations during the workshop. For pricing and more information, send an email to Rainer at obenaus@obenauscommunity.org.

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