Co-creating ways of living in harmony with nature.


Obenaus is a place to live in a sustainable and healthy way. We gather people ready to master their own lives and thus willing to share it with others, in the countryside of South Styria, Austria, at the heart of Europe. 


 Living naturally in harmony with our human and Earth’s. Open and in contact with society. It’s a project that’s always in transformation and constant learning.

We invite you to participate in our events

Systemische Aufstellungs- workshops & Training

Working with Systems – Next Stage Constellations Workshop and Training Take part to become a certified systemic constellation host. Or as a participant with or without a question to explore!

ReEdening in Obenaus

Celebrate! and allow our different organs of perception to be stimulated, see what becomes possible from there. To let what was largely submerged up until now, and is being awoken through our disruptive times, to surface, move, and transform the way we relate to the world.


Explore and find freely what’s deep inside your heart. 

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