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Working with Systems – Next Stage Constellations Workshop and Training

Open Workshops every month

January workshop:
Sunday 29th of January


Welcome to our open systemic constellation workshops in South Styria. Rainer von Leoprechting hosts and facilitates in constellation community style and spirit. We deal here with the most diverse participants and topics. We are ready to see different systems in their combinations.

Obenaus Community Art of Hosting with the Field Hands Heart

You can come to deepen your hosting in a constellation circle or bring your own complex issues to meet their solutions. The theme of your personal constellation can be topics from the very intimate to the very large systems.

You can take part in this workshop in the most flexible ways.
A half day participation contribution is 25,00 €,
a full day 45,00 €.
Please count with another 40,00 € for being in the focus of a constellation, and your own issue will be dealt with.

Morning session: 11:00 to 13:00 (ca.)
Afternoon session: 14:00 to 16:00 (ca.)
Snacks included. We take lunch together in Obenaus. You are welcome to bring something along for it, like a dessert, wine, or pre-prepared meal.

If for a payment you would like to do or give something else instead of money we’ll find a good exchange.

We offer our Constellations once a month.
Give us a call or write us to reserve your place or to agree a private session.
obenaus@obenauscommunity.org or phone: +43 680 1327177 (Rainer)

These workshops also qualify for the training in the systemic constellation community. Training participants receive further teachings, personal feedback, and are co-facilitating during the workshop. The contribution for the training track is 700,00 € for four days, 350 € for two days.

Systemic Feelings And Sensations In Your Body

People step into elements, of a question or situation, and perceive feelings, sensations, emotions, movements that are not or their making. They express that what comes to them. Thus, the relations between the elements of the system in the question become visible.

With this simple effect, the most complex and seemingly impossible issues can be addressed and solved. Applications range from Family therapy, work, leadership and organisational questions, health, political and generational topics, spatial planning etc.

We work with the notion of development and the Next Stage of any system as orientation. Evolution is part of every question and becomes visible through systemic representations.

Registrations by email to rainer(a)obenauscommunity.org.

Steps To Embodied Leadership.

The workshop is an intense training and learning ground for your leadership. Sign in for the systemic leadership training and learn how to lead systemic workshops, facilitate whole systems in their constellations and to listen to subtle leadership cues from your own body.