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The Forest Edge Polyculture Design

The Forest Edge Polyculture Design

As one can see on the final Obenaus Permaculture Design above, a series of shrubs and small
trees were drew along the edge of the forest from the boundary to the north of the land all the

way to the south of the house. When a mix of different species is designed and planted together
for a purpose, it is called a polyculture. This polyculture design was created during a course
Cisco and I attended in Bulgaria in June 2017 called “Regenerative Landscape Design Course” at
the Balkan Ecology Project (Balkep). The description in the image below explains the purpose of
this design and the general reasons why these particular species were chosen. If interested in
knowing more about each plant, please visit the Balkep website below, as the plants can be
found and purchased at their Bio-nursery.


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