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So we are inviting people who have a community spirit and are interested in exploring the questions of our time. We are asking ourselves, ‘what is our model of contribution to the world? How we can live in a healthy way, in a sustainable way, with nature, while being connected to the world?

This is not about isolating ourselves from the world, but by virtue of the internet and technology helping to make connections. We are doing what we feel is needed in the world right now.

And more experiments will follow.
Essentially, this is a space for people to explore deeply their purpose and potential.
It is our home, with ourselves (Rainer and Lena) and children (Sam and Nils) but we are opening it out to others, that it may be their home too.
It is a continuous discovery and a work in progress, but an exciting one and we are very grateful for the opportunity to be able to experiment with life and living in such a way.

We feel very lucky indeed.


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