Open House in Obenaus 2018

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A Meaningful Rest for Agents of Change.
The Open House in Obenaus is a space and a place to meet people, exchange knowledge, learn new things, be inspired and playful.
A few dates for summer 2018:
13-15 July 2018: The art of hosting next stage organizing
30-31 July 2018: Action Learning training
4-7 August 2018: Systemic constellation community workshop, training and gathering
11-15 August 2018: The Art of Hosting (with) the field. From hosting the invisible to invisible hosting.
29 Aug – 2 September 2018: Circle. Gathering and practice training with specific applications.

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The summer in Obenaus is an open village. We have more quiet periods, and we organise workshops and seminars here. Families with kids time is here (dates still open). All is co-created with people like you. Bring your wishes, ideas and offerings, they are welcome and part of the programme!


Obenaus is an organic community farm in development and under construction. Right now we are a small handful of people living here, at middle, younger and teen-ages. The location is an old farming estate with a couple of buildings being reconstructed towards community life. We have our own source water, an organic sewage system, a garden, biodynamic composting, small forest, fruit trees, meadows, three ducks, a tiny herd of sheep and a lovely farm dog. 

The Obenaus way of living is based on continuous learning from life, nature, each other and people around us. We sometimes use specific practices like systemic work and constellations, Action learning, Art of Hosting conversations that matters, Peer Spirit circle and harvesting to support our learning. We are interested in how things were done in former times and at the same time take part in new movements.
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08_2014 landscape (4)02Lodging 

At the current state of our place we can offer camping space for your stay with modern bathrooms and warm showers. You can bring your own tent or borrow one from us. If you are looking for more comfort, B&Bs and hotels are within walking distance from the farm. Summers are normally very sunny and dry. In the unlikely case of much rain, there is dry shelter.


Living communityIMG_5467

During your stay you are part of the Obenaus community life. Besides enjoying company around the meals and having others to relate to, our life includes spending 2 hours per day on community tasks like preparing the meals, going to the market, gardening, chopping wood, keeping the space beautiful and clean, cutting the grass with the scythe, taking care of the animals, etc. 

There is a lot of space for art and crafts, bonfires and music, conversations, hikes, workshops in our barn, movie nights in/on the attic, and much more.

IMG_5332Your contribution

The value of a stay here is hard to measure in money. How can we value the effect of grounding, landing, connecting, and finding new inspiration? So value the stay by yourselves, we happily receive your donations. Money is one way, other forms are also welcome.

To cover the costs of food and lodging we suggest a donation of 30€ per day (20€ if you sleep at another place).  Workshop fees varies and are to be paid directly to the respective organizers.
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For the time of your stay you become an associate member of the Obenaus community association. This entails no further obligations from your side. It is necessary for administrative reasons as the legal base for Obenaus is the association and it is open only for members. Please be aware that you come at your own risk and responsibility for anything an insurance can cover.

How you get to Obenaus

For a satellite Map see HERE.skyline000

Train: Train stations Spielfeld (international trains from or to Zagreb, Ljubljana and Vienna stop here) or Ehrenhausen (local train connection from Graz or Spielfeld). Tell us when you come, we pick you up. Walking also possible (2 km or 3 km distance to Obenaus).

Air plane: Next airports are Graz (direct train connection to Ehrenhausen) or Maribor (bus to Maribor, train to Spielfeld, or we pick you up directly at the airport). Also possible is Zagreb (with a direct bus going to Spielfeld) or Ljubljana (bus to Ljubljana, then train to Spielfeld). Many international connections go via Vienna or Bratislava. Take a train from there via Graz.

Car: From the A9 motorway take the exit Vogau-Strass. Follow through Ehrenhausen. After a few sharp turns in the village turn left uphill to “Berghausen”. At the second left on top of a first hill turn left, there is a plate “Obenaus” and a sign “Naturpark”. Go down into a little valley, take the next left: You are there!
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Obenaus Community

Ewitsch 2
A-8461 Ehrenhausen

+43 680 3060900 (Lena)
+43 680 132 7177 (Rainer)