• Welcome to the Obenaus Community!

    This is a place to be, to grow, to rest, to learn, to love.

    Situated in southern Austria, among rolling green hills and vineyards, Obenaus is an experiment in living in community.
    Our vision is to create a safe and beautiful place where people can connect with nature, explore their passions and possibilities, support their health and wellbeing and be together with friends, family and community....

The Obenaus Summer Programme

How can we be courageous together to live the life we want to live?


1 July – 31 August – 7:00-8:00: Morning yoga session every day in the barn – practice and learn together with Viola, Lena and guest yoga teachers (sometimes also in the late afternoons)

1 – 15 July:  Learning village “sustainability in practice and living community” offer what you can and ask for what you need 

17 July: Sound weaving concert with Gabriella and Heather – a concert open to everyone free of charge – enjoy the sounds and vibrations through your own body – bring pillows and blankets for your own comfort.

18 – 22 July: Singing bowl making workshop (3 days) and retreat (5 days) – make your own singing bowl over open fire and add two days for practice (click here for more info)

6-7 August / 26-27 August:  Systemic constellations in the barn as every summer – all themes welcome – we practice among others the ‘new’ family constellations à la Hellinger

8 August: “Hopi fire” – connecting the Obenaus peace fire with other peace fires around the world

Date TBC: Action learning – bring your issues or projects to a group and widen your perspectives to find your best next steps

Date TBC:  Graphic facilitation – a picture say more the 100s of words – bring clarity and swiftness into your meetings

Date TBC: Dream catcher workshop – create mystic beauty for your bedroom

Graphic Facilitation


Visuals have the power to get us beyond many words, saving space and time. Images create clarity for us and others, break down complexity, and create shared understanding. The first steps towards something new. 
Discover and learn how to use visuals for capturing the essence of conversations, ideas, and concepts that matter to you. We will practice and apply various creative visualizations over a whole day. 

Contribution incl. refreshments and lunch: 110,00 €.

With Viola Tschendel
Register with your preferred dates.

Systemic Constellations

Obenaus August Workshops 2014 (16)

Welcome to our open systemic constellation seminar in South Styria. Lena Jacobsson and Rainer von Leoprechting are hosts and facilitators in constellation community style and spirit. We deal here with the most diverse participants and topics. We are ready to see different systems in their combinations.

You can come to deepen your hosting in a constellation circle or bring your own complex issues to meet their solutions. The theme of your personal constellation can be topics from the very intimate to the very large systems.

We offer our Constellations on two different dates:
Constellations I: 6-7 August 2016
Constellations II: 27-28 August 2016
Tell us the date preferences you have, we can still react.

You can take part in this workshop in the most flexible ways.
A half day participation contribution is 40 €,
a full day 70 €,
two days 120 €,
lunch and snacks included.

If for a payment you would like to do give something else instead of Euro, just tell us your proposal, we are open :).
You are welcome.

Register or address your questions to:
phone: +43 680 3060900 (Lena Jacobsson)

Action Learning

Obenaus August Workshops 2014 (9)Dissolving Problems through Asking Questions
Learn to learn like Socrates. Reflect upon your actions and prepare new actions. In just two days you learn how you set up Action Learning Circles, to lead and and guide them. Acton Learning is probably the most effective and among the fastest methods to deal with wicked or unsolvable issues and problems in small groups. And it’s funny, too.

Rainer von Leoprechting practiced and instructed Action Learning with EU officials in Brussels, scientists and engineers, worked with board members, management teams, project leaders, politicians or young people.
Join  his joyful work with any and every one. Be inspired to create new solutions by asking ever more questions.

Your financial contribution incl. meal, snacks and drinks: 180 EUR for the two days.

Register here your preferred dates. Please select all dates you can make it. We will confirm the dates and make the workshop happen, if at least 5 people sign up for a given date.
If you can’t come to the Open House, you can train and practice online, too!

Address your questions to:
phone: +43 680 3060900 (Lena Jacobsson)

Building the Invisible Leader

invleaderHow you can create and build organisational cultures with purpose for everyone. How organisations do recreate themselves in their day-to-day functioning and how you can influence this. This seminar introduces the storymatcher technology for organisational leadership from the middle ground.

On-going activities at Obenaus during the Open House

Creative painting with Caroline Brandt (art and dance therapist)

Caroline will spend two weeks in and around the Obenaus barn – go and find her and learn and share your inner creative landscape – paint from your heart without a result in mind, let go of preconceived motives and methods and give your creativity free flow using a brush, your hands, a spate or whatever is suitable in the moment.

This you can of course also do with your kids and/or your partner – you can work in the barn/stable or outside – find your place.

Your contribution: 20 euro material per day and person and a donation to Caroline for holding space and sharing her wisdom about painting freely from the heart. 

Creative workshops for kidskids

Have fun and create with your kids or leave your kids in the creative arts workshop of Karin and Nico (15 km from Obenaus) while you have a day in an Obenaus workshop or on a walk or in the Spa or simply take some time out. Your kids will have fun with other kids, be safe in nature under the guidance of Karin, one of Austria’s leading free learning pedagogue. For more information have a look at their website  www.siakkos.com. Karin, Nico and their 4 kids (11-1) speak English, German, Greek and a little bit of French. The budget for the workshop is around 30 euro with reduction for siblings.

Energy healing sessionsDSC_0331 (Kopie)

De-stress and get an energy boost during your stay at Obenaus. 

Sabine Pool, energetic healer educated in the US, will be around during the second half of August and offer hatha yoga, meditation, divers massage styles and energy work (for more information see her website:  www.meine-heilung.at )

Gardening: Connecting to the landgarden2

An excellent way to ground yourself is to work with the ground. Use your hands to do some gardening work and support the plants in their development. This sometimes means taking out other plants that are in the way and creating space and allowing light to come in. It also means harvesting and preparing different things with what you have collected. It is also about creating beauty for Obenaus and those here on the land. Be welcome to co-create with us!

woodsWorking in the forest and chopping wood

Rainer will take you to our steep forest. We are continuously taking down a few trees every year but more needs to be done to make it a healthy forest. At the moment there are too many trees, there is not enough space, not enough light for each tree to grow. So some need to be taken down, cut into pieces and brought up to the barn. It is heavy work that can be done in a light way. Bring cloths that can be torn and dirty and you will need long trousers in the woods. You do not need to bring your own tools, we have chain saws, axes, etc :-)


These are just a few examples of what can happen here, much more is possible.

WEDDING Lena & Rainer 2015

Wedding Rings001

Dear Friends,

We celebrate our wedding this summer, 13 August, in Obenaus.

Come and join us for a ceremony in nature. The ceremony begins at 16:00 at the gate of Obenaus. For the rest be open to be surprised, if you would like to surprise please contact Felix, our master of ceremony, felix.moser@yahoo.de.

river obenaus

A Walk Around with Clare Mulvany




A walk around Obenaus with Clare Mulvany – we had 6 days of discovery here on the farm together – what a delight to see a master at work!! Be welcome to see it with your own eyes, smell it, taste it and listen to the sounds of the river, birds and insects, sense the sun and the wind on your skin…



Unternehmungen für jeden Tag

Obenaus ist ein offener Raum, in dem Sie jeden Tag frisch entscheiden, was Sie unternehmen wollen. Hier einige Anregungen und Angebote, die während des Open House für Sie schon bereit sind.

Vieles mehr ist möglich….

Freie kreative Malerei mit Caroline Brandt (Malerin, Kunst- und Tanztherapeutin)

Caroline ist über zwei Wochen im August in Obenaus. In der Begegnung mit ihr und ihrer Arbeit können Sie Ihre eigene innere Landschaft entdecken und ausdrücken. Malen Sie aus dem Herzen, ohne feste Absicht, lassen Sie los von eingeübten Methoden oder Motiven und vertrauen der Bewegung des Pinsels, ihrer Hände, eines Schabers oder was sonst sich gerade als Instrument eignet.

Partner, Freunde, Kinder sind herzlich willkommen, gemeinsam zu werken. Wir haben ruhige Plätze dafür in der Scheune, einem früheren Stall oder unter einem Baum, finden Sie Ihren Platz.

Der Kostenbeitrag beträgt 20 € für das Material pro Tag und Person, dazu bitten wir um einen Beitrag für Caroline, die Sie begleitet und mit Ihrer Erfahrung im freien Malen unterstützt.

Kreatives Arbeiten für Kinderkids

Freuen Sie sich auf gemeinsames Schaffen mit Ihren Kindern, oder vertrauen sie einer Österreichs führenden freien Pädagoginnen an, wenn Sie selbst etwas anderes in Obenaus unternehmen, zum Spa gehen oder wandern. Etwa 15 km von Obenaus arbeitet Karin Siakkos mit Kindern und lässt sie ihre eigene Kunst entfalten.

Ihre Kinder werden grossen Spass haben in der Natur und im Atelier. Alles weitere finden Sie auf der website: www.siakkos.com.

Karin, Niko und ihre vier Kinder sprechen Deutsch, Englisch, Griechisch und auch ein wenig Französisch. Rechnen Sie mit einem Budget von etwa 30 € pro Kind per Workshop, Geschwister erhalten einen Nachlass.

Heilung mit Sabine PoolDSC_0331 (Kopie)

Beschleunigen Sie Ihre Entspannung, finden Sie Begegnung in ihrem Körper und frische Energie in Obenaus.

Sabine Pool hat ihre Grundausbildung in Core Synchronism (link:http://www.meine-heilung.at/pages/core_sync.html) in den USA absolviert und bietet diese sanfte, respektvolle Körperheilung auch in Verbindung mit anderen Methoden während der zweiten Augusthälfte in Obenaus an. Mehr über Sabine und ihre Arbeit auf ihrer website:


Erde Dich. Der Obenaus Garten lädt ein.garden2

Wer sich erden will, ist im Garten immer willkommen sich mit den Händen zu betätigen. Gartenarbeit heisst, den Pflanzen hier zu helfen, sich bestmöglich zu entfalten. Dazu müssen wir oft andere Pflanzen entfernen, so dass Luft und Licht zu den Gartenpflanzen kommt. Es gibt einiges zu ernten und in der Küche zu verarbeiten. nicht zuletzt gestalten Sie Obenaus’ Antlitz und geben uns eine schöne Umgebung.

Herzlich willkommen zum gemeinsamen Schaffen!

woodsWald- und Holzarbeiten

Rainer führt Sie in unseren steilen Waldabhang. Dieses Jahr geht es darum, den Wald zu lichten, so dass die verbleibenden Bäume sich weiter gut entfalten können. Da werden wir recht viele Bäume fällen, auf das Hofgelände bringen und in Scheiter sägen und spalten für den nächsten Winter.

Das ist etwas für den ganzen Körper. Wir organisieren die Tätigkeit so, dass wir uns dabei anstrengen und fit bleiben. Bringen Sie feste Kleidung und Schuhwerk mit. Werkzeuge, Spalter und Kettensägen stellen wir.


These are just a few examples of what can happen here, much more is possible.

Open House in Obenaus, Aug. 2014


Welcome at the farm!

Obenaus is open for you the whole month of August.

We invite you to be and practice together, learn, develop, exchange, have conversations that matters, play and work together, held by the life at the farm.

Our farm is in the state it is, so we don’t offer luxury or any star. We do offer heart and hosting and good company :-)

Herzlich willkommen im Hof Obenaus!

Wir haben den ganzen Monat August geöffnet

… und laden Sie ein in Gemeinschaft zu sein, sich auszutauschen, zu lernen in Gesprächen um das, was wichtig ist, Entwickeln, Spielen und Arbeiten unterstützt vom Leben auf dem Hof.

Unser Hof bietet keinerlei Luxus oder Sterne…

Obenaus Community

Ewitsch 2
A-8461 Ehrenhausen

+43 680 3060900 (Lena)
+43 680 132 7177 (Rainer)